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Dr. Moeser and staff are experts of the latest contact lens technology. Whether it is disposable, bifocal, monthly extended wear, rigid gas permeable, or even post-surgical fittings, we have the correct lens for you. We specialize in silicone hydrogel and gas permeable lenses, 1-day and 2-week disposable lenses, multi-focal lenses, toric lenses and CRT lenses. Most of our patients are fitted and take home their new contact lenses the same day.

Why buy from Tustin Optometry?

Great Reasons to Buy a Year Supply of Contacts from Tustin Optometry:

  1. Free shipping
  2. 20% discount on prescription glasses you buy
  3. 20% discount on non-prescription sunglasses you buy
  4. Rebates from the manufacturer for cash back to you
  5. Exchange unopened boxes if your prescription changes during the year
  6. Replace defective lenses at no charge
  7. Two free travel kits of contact lens solution
  8. Convenience – order one time with guaranteed accuracy
  9. Healthier for your eyes
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